Separating from the Libertarian Platform

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separatinglibertarianplatIf there is one place I waffle when discussing Libertarianism it’s health care.

“We favor restoring and reviving a free market health care system. We recognize the freedom of individuals to determine the level of health insurance they want, the level of health care they want, the care providers they want, the medicines and treatments they will use and all other aspects of their medical care, including end-of-life decisions.”
Source: National platform adopted at Denver L.P. convention May 30, 2008

“ …Government’s role in any kind of insurance should only be to enforce contracts when necessary, not to dictate to insurance companies and consumers which kinds of insurance contracts they may voluntarily agree upon.”
Source: National Platform of the Libertarian Party Jul 2, 2000 (more…)

Back to Goldwater

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backtogoldwaterIf there were one thing to take away from Conscious of a Conservative is would be that freedom is the number one goal.

We as individuals should be free to be and explore who we are and how we should live our lives. It is a great sentiment when government is in a perpetual state of attempting to define who we are and how we should live our lives. (more…)

I Didn’t Know Michael, Neither Did You

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DidntMichaelIn 1982, I bought Thriller, which is one of the best albums ever. I wore out the grooves on the old record player and listened to his music endlessly for a summer. Then I moved on to Purple Rain.

Today, I sit in front of my desk and peruse the endless amount of stories about Michael, his final days, and some of his more infamous moments. There was his friendship with Bubbles the Chimp, buying the Elephant Man’s bones (don’t think this was ever proved), and the purchase of his private theme park/home, Neverland Ranch. I then thought about all the other Michael Jackson information, seemingly his every step, which has been forced into my brain for the last 25 years. (more…)

What Conservatives Realized, part 3

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whatconservatives3Man has a good not only for the good of society, but also for the good for himself. This idea is crucial but seemingly forgotten. A person still has to do what is right for them and their family. The problem comes when government wants to take control of the individual life and tell the individual what they can and can not do when it does not directly and negatively impact another individual. (more…)

The Lonely Libertarian

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lonelibertarianI walked into the large church room that held the election for the President of the United States. After eight years of stupidity, it was time for a change. It was late afternoon in Los Angeles in a populated section of town where I live. The church was packed with voters of all shapes and sizes.

I walked up to the volunteers and showed them my identification and then they crossed me off the master list before asking, “ Republican or Democrat?” I responded, “Libertarian.” I was ballot number 0000001. I was the first Libertarian of the entire day. (more…)

We’re #1

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Were1With the end of another basketball season, the Los Angeles Lakers are the World Champions (even though basketball leagues are all over the world with most teams never playing the Lakers to prove superiority). Still it is a wonderful achievement.

Fans in Los Angeles took to the streets to celebrate their local team’s victory over the Orlando Magic. It was an important occasion. Some fans rushed cars filled with passengers to bounce and rock them at red lights in thrilled jubilation. Many were drunk.

On the converse, fans in Orlando solemnly consoled each other, talked about the improbable year and playoff run (it was supposed to be LaBron’s year), and likely looked toward next year. Many were drunk. Los Angeles wins. Orlando loses. Budweiser also wins. (more…)

What Conservatives Realized, part 2

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whatconservatives2The only part about the section Goldwater writes about in chapter one that I disagree with is his repeating of the label, “The Conservatives.” As in, “The Conservatives…” then say something implying that only conservatives know this or that. It is a theme in Chapter one of The Conscience of the Conservative. I would argue that Liberatarians, Democrats, Republicans, or any other politically motivated group are never all insightful, smart, self-aware or in agreement. (more…)

What Conservatives Realized, part 1

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whatconservatives1Goldwater caught a lot of flack for opposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. he was also branded a “war-monger” by LBJ’s crew during the Presidential Election. In a brief time, Barry was made to look like the devil himself — if I believed in such things. And on the surface it may look justified.

While race may be a wholly stupid and immoral reason not to do business with someone, it does limit the personal choices and freedoms of the businessman who chooses to not do business with another based upon stupidity. It is not illegal to be an idiot.
However, Goldwater also wrote that man is a unique creature with an individual soul. He also wrote that States rights were supposed to be protected, which the Civil Rights Act infringed upon.

While reading The Conscience of the Conservative I found this gem, “…pricked by anyone who would debase the dignity of the individual human being.” Suggests loudly the importance of difference and the individual.” (more…)

Looking at Mr. Conservative

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MrConservativeBarryGoldwaterI have started reading Conscience of a Conservative over the last few days. It is a short book, 83 pages in all. I probably could have read it in a couple of hours had I wanted. However, it would have been a mistake. While I don’t agree with everything in the book (I will start doing some writing about some of the specifics over the next few days), what I like about what Goldwater writes is due to its thought provoking nature, which forces the reader to explores the rightness or wrongness of their positions on social issues. (more…)

Marriage and the Bible

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I have read the Bible. Twice. Cover to cover. I admit that there are lots of confusing passages and there are lots of relationships that I forgot about. Fortunately, I have found the greatest Christian ever in Betty Bowers. (more…)

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