I Didn’t Know Michael, Neither Did You

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DidntMichaelIn 1982, I bought Thriller, which is one of the best albums ever. I wore out the grooves on the old record player and listened to his music endlessly for a summer. Then I moved on to Purple Rain.

Today, I sit in front of my desk and peruse the endless amount of stories about Michael, his final days, and some of his more infamous moments. There was his friendship with Bubbles the Chimp, buying the Elephant Man’s bones (don’t think this was ever proved), and the purchase of his private theme park/home, Neverland Ranch. I then thought about all the other Michael Jackson information, seemingly his every step, which has been forced into my brain for the last 25 years.

Of course, it was Neverland Ranch that became the site of accusations and the memory that sticks out most in my mind. It was where he might have done something immoral with children, although there has never been a shred of real truth the the stories. Still, it has been popular with every channel on the news, which seem to want to let us all know how much they loved Michael, his music, but want to regurgitate every nasty unproven allegation as if it were real from way back when.

The problem has always been for me, what if Michael Jackson was that naive? What if he truly believed in loving children that had nothing to do with lascivious behavior? What if someone’s greedy parents took advantage of his ridiculousness and major bank?

The question is not just of exploring greed, but the moral thirst that drives one to assume that evil must exist because he or she does not understand someone else’s point of view. In some ways it is a witch hunt. I wouldn’t hug someone else’s kid, so he must be sick. Islam is different from Christianity, so they must be all terrorists. It justifies evil to root out perceived evil. I think of torture at Guantanamo Bay and, at the minimum of, holding someone without due process and rounding young men and throwing them in prison for no reason.

Only Michael Jackson knew his real motives. It would be easy to judge him as many still do. I have chosen not to because I didn’t know him and neither do you.

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