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lonelibertarianI walked into the large church room that held the election for the President of the United States. After eight years of stupidity, it was time for a change. It was late afternoon in Los Angeles in a populated section of town where I live. The church was packed with voters of all shapes and sizes.

I walked up to the volunteers and showed them my identification and then they crossed me off the master list before asking, “ Republican or Democrat?” I responded, “Libertarian.” I was ballot number 0000001. I was the first Libertarian of the entire day.

I don’t mind being a different voice from the masses. I actually enjoyed being #1, as my ballot receipt suggested. What I don’t understand is that so many people are enamored with the two party system. Why do people not consider alternatives, as if being a Republican or a Democrat was the end all for American politics.

Truthfully, neither have been that great and one of the chief reasons why our economy is where it is at now. Sides are polarized and the people in power know they only have to compete with each other, the one on the other side. The assumption is that if one is bad the other must be good — even if there is no evidence. So as a candidate, they only have to consider defeating the one person opposition. This might make sense for a selfish candidate, but why have we decided that the two party system is the way to go as voters?

All it does is limit our choices. The choices between necessary evils rather than voting for the best candidate. In some cases, like universal heath care, both Republicans and Democrats have chosen not to move forward at the same time. Meaning no change will occur leaving voters without even the possibility at change. Meaning the average person in the US will not be able to afford to get sick, ever!

Personally, I blame religion. I know that must sound like a stretch or that the two are somehow unrelated. I would disagree. Whether we like it or not, the United States has become a Christian nation with Christian ideals at its core. Our political system has come to reflect Christianity’s core, there is one pervasive good (let’s call him God) and one pervasive evil (let’s call him Satan). These two chase each other around and nothing gets accomplished. Welcome to politics as usual.

In the end, I voted for Barack and I am glad he won. However, I ultimately voted for him out of fear. I feared that McCain would have without my vote. And really, it is no vote at all, Libertarian or not.

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