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Were1With the end of another basketball season, the Los Angeles Lakers are the World Champions (even though basketball leagues are all over the world with most teams never playing the Lakers to prove superiority). Still it is a wonderful achievement.

Fans in Los Angeles took to the streets to celebrate their local team’s victory over the Orlando Magic. It was an important occasion. Some fans rushed cars filled with passengers to bounce and rock them at red lights in thrilled jubilation. Many were drunk.

On the converse, fans in Orlando solemnly consoled each other, talked about the improbable year and playoff run (it was supposed to be LaBron’s year), and likely looked toward next year. Many were drunk. Los Angeles wins. Orlando loses. Budweiser also wins.

The concept of pride is an interesting one when the teams do not actually contain players from the city in question. Kobe, Philadelphia; Pau Gasol, Spain; Andrew Bynum, New Jersey, Derek Fisher, Little Rock; Lamar Odom, New York. Only Jordan Farmar is actually from Los Angeles. If you believed in civic pride he is the guy to root for. The rest of the Lakers are here because the Lakers were the highest bidder.

So why do we care?

Sadly, our concept of pride comes from someone else’s concept of big money business. The owner keeps the Lakers here in Los Angeles because it is a business choice. Los Angeles has thousands of people willing to shell out big money to catch a glimpse of tall players in long shorts running faster and jumping higher than the vast majority of the population. This is interesting. But not a reason to have genuine local pride

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