What Conservatives Realized, part 2

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whatconservatives2The only part about the section Goldwater writes about in chapter one that I disagree with is his repeating of the label, “The Conservatives.” As in, “The Conservatives…” then say something implying that only conservatives know this or that. It is a theme in Chapter one of The Conscience of the Conservative. I would argue that Liberatarians, Democrats, Republicans, or any other politically motivated group are never all insightful, smart, self-aware or in agreement.

Having said that, I am fascinated by his statement claiming that people who are dependent upon the government for money can never be politically free. Same goes to the converse that if man is politically “enslaved,” he cannot find economically free either.

I have been thinking about both and want to disagree, but I have not been able to separate the two as independent without inherently affecting the other.

So for the time being a truth.

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