What Conservatives Realized, part 1

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whatconservatives1Goldwater caught a lot of flack for opposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. he was also branded a “war-monger” by LBJ’s crew during the Presidential Election. In a brief time, Barry was made to look like the devil himself — if I believed in such things. And on the surface it may look justified.

While race may be a wholly stupid and immoral reason not to do business with someone, it does limit the personal choices and freedoms of the businessman who chooses to not do business with another based upon stupidity. It is not illegal to be an idiot.
However, Goldwater also wrote that man is a unique creature with an individual soul. He also wrote that States rights were supposed to be protected, which the Civil Rights Act infringed upon.

While reading The Conscience of the Conservative I found this gem, “…pricked by anyone who would debase the dignity of the individual human being.” Suggests loudly the importance of difference and the individual.”

At the time, it might have been easy to demonize Goldwater, I wonder whether it was ever reasonable to do so.

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