Two Guys From Alexandria

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TwoguysfromalexandriaA couple of weeks ago, I threatened that I would take a look at Christianity in my blog called “It all Starts with God“, and to further explore god’s place in society.

That might not be a good description though, as god’s place in society only exists in a place other than a place we can freely visit. Tricky, huh? In other words, I cannot go to god’s house for a chat. I know that their are folks who will read this and say, “God is everywhere” or “God is love,” or “God is church or talks through clergy.” These are great thoughts, but these ideas still do not give god a tangible quality and does not make god more accessible, just more etherial. However, there is still a pile of well intentioned who will claim the inside track for god and they can speak on behalf of god. What god thinks, and what god thinks about right and wrong behavior (see the Ten Commandments).

I chose to look at Christianity, because it’s the only religion that claims that there was a god’s house. For the sake of argument, let’s call him Jesus. According to Christian folks, this was god incarnate. So that means someone could have gone to god directly and asked questions like “why do you like us to have wars? What do you think of Buddhism? Do you care when people pray to you when they do really unimportant things like score a touchdown? I like this idea and I would have asked a whole lot of questions of god. Of course I probably would have felt better about doing this is everyone from the beginning agreed. Sadly, Jesus wasn’t always god. Jesus wasn’t more than a prophet until the Nicean Meetings around 325AD. Prior to that there were two camps. A powerful guy named Arius believed that Jesus was great, but not actually god. While another powerful guy, Athanasius, thought Jesus was god. These two men agreed on most everything else, just not on this one point. Both of these guys hung out in a city named Alexandria, which was a very popular spot back in the day. Not surprisingly the two disagreed violently until Athanasius won the war and Constantine. So Jesus became god. Of course, my problem becomes, isn’t this just somebody’s opinion as neither of these folks knew Jesus or saw his miracles. However, they both had the bible as reference. Oddly, these same folks also never knew Moses or saw his comparable miracles either. Moses parted the Red Sea. Pretty much a bad ass if you ask me, and a good candidate for being god. Maybe I have not gone back far enough.

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