Robert Anton Wilson

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Links012609QuoteIn the early 1990s, I locked myself in my room and read all 800 pages of the Illuminatus! Trilogy. It was a book that offered a little bit of everything: philosophy, comedy, tragedy, confusion, skepticism, and a conversation with Leviathan at the bottom of the ocean. I lost three pounds because I didn’t eat. It would not be the last time I locked myself away to read Robert Anton Wilson.

Later, I would read and cherish most everything I had ever read by RAW (as he has been come to be known). His books introduced or sparked an interest in me for Timothy Leary, Aleistar Crowley, the Golden Dawn, the Illuminati, Discordianism (I am a Fenderson), Joseph Campbell, Linus Pauling, Magick, Buckminster Fuller, The Knights Templer, quantum mechanics, Thelema, a political thought process that lends itself being a Libertarian (although I may just be making this up) and exploration of every kind. Wilson explored everything and did so with a keen eye and a sensibility that never took himself too seriously. He was the curious uncle I never had.

Wilson had his toe in every pie, and I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to know stuff, all of the stuff. I wanted to understand it all, just like RAW. It is not until this very moment that I realize that he had changed my life for good, for the better.

As I come to my last installment for Pterodactyl Inferno — my last installment is a video a published in advance — I can’t think of a better more interesting person to think about for this last entry for this site. May he continue to be read by seeking and interested people for generations to come.

To this day, I still keep his books on the top shelf in a place of high esteem with Twain and Lao Tsu. I am proud that his book still sit there reminding me that his pen is indeed mightier than the sword and that a few choice words a=can bring a lifetime of transformation.

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