No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

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noshirtQuestion of the day. Is it okay for a business owner to refuse a customer? The first argument that comes to mind is that business owners would eventually do what has been done in the past and discriminate against against particular races, religions, or those of shoeless or shirtless persuasions. The argument then continues that this ideal returns us to racism and separatism.

So let’s take this as being true for the moment. My question becomes, can you create laws centered around morality when the Constitution mandates a separation between church and state? As much as I think there moral thought in many instances that are appropriate for discussion, I still can’t believe that one morality over another can justly prevail. As an example, some believe that abortion is a crime to an unborn child (and to God, which theoretically gives that life). Unfortunately, if abortion becomes illegal based religion then using this same model (the Bible) lawmakers would have to then uphold Biblical teaching requiring those wearing clothes of more than one twine should be put to death by stoning.

Any restrictive dogma forces us (not God) to pick and choose which rule of morality we follow based upon our convenience, which can be viewed as being arbitrary. This idea within itself is not moral at its core.

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