The Real Problem with Health Care Reform, Unfortunately

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Sunday 23 August 2009 6:20 pm

realproblemhealthAs the republicans and democrats do battle on the House and Senate floors, one blaming the other for the problems that face the nation, both side competing for our votes and creating positions of power for themselves. This is easy to understand when politicians live in a sort of vacuum.

I think Barack Obama is probably a good guy. I think he is basically rooting for us. Unfortunately, he and every other politician no longer represents the people, because the people no longer have any direct access to politician. I wonder whether politicians could identify with them in any event, even if they were to sit down with the common man. Do they have anything in common anymore?

The bigger “unfortunately” becomes the reality that major corporations and special interest groups do have direct contact with those in power. Whether a politician has genuine integrity or not, whether the politician has a genuine concern for his or her constituents or not does not matter when the politician is completely separated from those he or she represent. This is the real problem.

It is easy for a politicians to put off the discussion of health care reform (as perennial politician and affiliate waffling, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., suggested axing a number of proposed Health Care changes on a whim this week) when health care decisions never effect them directly. They all have health care. There is nothing at stake for the people in power so the decision to change things for the vast majority of citizens can come slowly. The politician’s silence and inaction is expected. And this is the biggest “unfortunately” of all.

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