Should a Vote out of Fear Count as a Vote?

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Tuesday 18 August 2009 6:13 pm

pollingboothDoes a vote made out of fear, count as a vote? Of course the answer is “yes.” And that’s exactly the way most republicans and democrats want it. If a voter is afraid of one political party, then he or she will vote for the other. Then one of the lesser two evils win.

Unfortunately, at the stage in the game most people will not consider other choices. So to vote third party is frequently a difficult one. Since third party candidates are no longer accepted in traditional political debates mass exposure is limited. Moreover, the idea to vote outside of a republican or democratic is becoming less and less common. When I had suggested to some democrat friends that I might vote for the Libertarian candidate I would told, “How could you when this year is so important? But this is our year? What about Obama?” And the most frequent comment, “Don’t throw away your vote.

My greater question is, is this the conscious choice of choosing the best candidate, or coercive war.

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