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Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Saturday 15 August 2009 6:08 pm

thoughtreligionI have been running into arguments lately that pits Libertarian versus Libertarian in the blogosphere. This always scares me because the party is already small enough as it is.

The main argument I have been seeing is this, can there be public property? While at first glance this questions appears to be really a small detail. However, after a few minutes of thinking about it. The question quickly becomes a core question.

One Libertarian view is that there can be public property, legitimate property held by the state. The other side suggests the state should never be considered a private entity and only hold property for future private companies and individuals. What this means on a larger scale is that publicly held land by the state could use said property to prevent immigration and create closed borders limiting the freedom of non-Americans. While privately held land, by individuals could promote the opposite.

While I embrace the concept of open borders, I am not taking sides. Sadly, the more polarized any group becomes the more it begins to look and act like the republicans and the democrats.

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