It All Starts with God

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ItallstartswithgodI am hopeful that one day, after I croak, I will be standing at the pearly gates. They will open wide as a glint of light peers from behind a fluffy cloud and all the angels will hit a high note, because it all starts with god. Of course, its all just hope. The hope that most of us are led to believe, which there is something bigger and better out there with dancing cherubs and everything is blandly perfect, and minus the bad people that caused god aggravation and broke commandments while we are on Earth. God frown on rules breaking. I know because I have read the bible. Those rule-breakers would all go to some place where endless punishment is doled out for all eternity while they baked in an underground commune. I must admit that given the choice between hanging out with the angelic purity of my dead relatives ghosts in heaven or the cartoon images of red-skinned sirens bare to the waist with huge fake knockers like they appear on the back of heavy metal records, I might chose the latter.

Of course, some good people look up skyward and are thankful for the touchdown they just scored and give god all the credit, but usually blame the powers of evil for the things out of their or god’s control like war, death, disease, and taxes. These people seem so filled with faith. I wish I had what they have. Instead, I wonder why god seems incapable of wrangling up Satan and his evil doings or giving people who follow the Ten Commandments much bigger places to live with better amenities as an early heaven prize. My guess early heaven prizes would probably get the rest of us following the rules more closely — unless god really wants us to hit baseballs better or star in popular action films, but far be it for me to question the words of god.

It is all so confusing. What I do understand is that god is the big cheese and top dog of the whole religion thing. But I wonder where god fits in the modern age, and society. I will probably have to delve into the olden days. Maybe I need to take a look at Christianity.

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