Marijuana in the Neighborhood

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Thursday 6 August 2009 5:57 pm

marijuanaI have just noticed the green equilateral cross in the field of white across the street from where I live. At first it took a moment to sink in. Then I figured it out. Someone is legally selling some dope in my area. There was a big grated fence in front of the door and a neon glowing leaf in the window.

I know as a father of a nine-year-old, I should be appalled by the recklessness of drugs, in general, and the awfulness of addiction, but I am not. I recognize that only 4% of all addicts could be classified as “bums or Skidrow types.” The rest of addicts are regular working people who are not criminals — I might even argue that most of the “criminals” in jail based upon drug charges are not criminals either, but I will save this for another time.

So why am I not appalled? While I don’t use the stuff because I tend to behave like a complete idiot when on the stuff, it is impossible to propose that nobody should use it and behave like idiots if that is what they choose. More importantly, how should I or anyone else be in a position to prevent one person from doing what they want with their body?

However, the bigger picture remains. Those with cancer or some other dread disease, affliction, syndrome, disorder, malfunction, discomfort should be free to explore any option to make their body heal or feel better. The concept of smoking a doobie is really not the issue here. The real issue is someone having access to experimental drugs, stem cells, and even medicinal marijuana to relieve chronic conditions.

So for the time being, I will look at the white field and the green cross with a sense of hope for the future and a bigger picture and hope I can parent my kid about reckless social experimentation and judgement against appropriate medical care.

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