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modifyI have always been fascinated by what people do to find happiness, identity, redemption, community, etc. This means I have spent plenty of time examining religion and politics and the usual societal issues most of us are familiar with exploring. However, I have also taken a look at parts of culture that some might consider blasphemous, shocking, occult, and the other, which typically stands outside of accepted cultural norms. To me, even ideas that frequently repulse others are only part of a larger continuum of ways that people find happiness, identity, redemption, community

Yesterday I watched Modify, a movie that talks to people who change their bodies — sometimes in very radical ways. These modifications range from simple tattoos and body building to extreme piercing and, believe it or not, appendage removal. This movie pushed my boundaries more than I expected and at points I had to turn it off and take a break — and I have a very thick skin.

However, the question that the documentary put forth and the one that came to my mind, “Is it acceptable to do anything you want with your body?” For me, and libertarians everywhere the answer must be “yes.” Even if I wholly oppose some of the action. Even if I disagree with its purpose. I still have to honor the rights of the individual to do what they want with their bodies and express themselves how they see fit. It is their liberty.

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