Hello Superstars!

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Wednesday 22 July 2009 5:47 pm

hellosuperstarsIt’s not often when I come home and simply turn on the television to decompress, but I did last night. I watched the Superstars, a revamp of a show that ran from the 1970s to the 1990s and featured professional athletes competing in a series of athletic events.

This new version showcases the same type of athletes but now they are teamed with hot-bodied celebs in various stages of undress in the pursuit of some trophy. The audience is assured that the competition is fierce and meaningful to the participants. There were grunting faces and strained muscles. The field of play included water and arrows and obstacles and sweating competitors.

Watching made realize, in my attempt to be interested in these people, that it was almost impossible to merely root, one way or the other, for any of the athletes or care about what they were doing. While the network likely spent a truck load of cash on this show, it was still incredibly boring. I was not surprised.

What intrigued me was why? What I hypothesized was that without a city to attach to the competition or something else to feel an emotional connection then I was left with trying to find kinship with the athletes/celebrities or their hot bodies as a means of interest. So, I was left watching people I didn’t care about doing things I was not interested in.

I wonder if the Los Angeles Lakers were just a collection of strangers, like they really are in real life to most of us, would anyone really ever care?

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