A Day at the Store

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Thursday 7 May 2009 4:06 pm

I am going to this office supply emporium, you know, the ones that have so many products that no one can ever find what their looking for with one employee at the register lacking all reasonable information about much of anything. I pull in the parking lot, which is mobbed, and park against a fence

As I am walking up toward the store’s entrance, I see a van pull to the front of the store and into the handicapped space. Not surprisingly an obviously healthy person hops out. I would eventually see her again when she was arguing with the store manager about why should be able to return a partially used ream of paper. I thought, “What a jackass.” She eventually got her way.

I really don’t mind the walk, it is one of the benefits of having working legs. I don’t mind people trying to get away with what they think is important. I think my main gripe, however, is with myself. Or better yet, what is my responsibility here. Should I be arguing with everyone in the streets every time I see injustice?

This where this blog begins. It is where I try to define my own personal ethics and integrity. This is where I will explore the how and why of my own social justice and consider that of the other. The folks on the other side on my thinking. In this case, a busy woman who would rather inconvenience someone that is genuinely handicapped and need the help of a convenient parking spot in an overcrowded area.

So what did I do when I saw her bopping to her car? Nothing that’s what. Not because I was too worried about confronting her. The truth is, I was too angry to make a comment without a wild series of obscenities — which is something else worth exploring too.

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