Kobe the Entrepreneur

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kobeentreprenuerI have never made it a secret that I am not a Kobe Bryant fan. In all fairness, it is really not that I don’t like him; I don’t know him. However, the media has made it a requirement that fans look to Kobe as some kind of a role model when mostly he has been a great basketball player and an average human being. I recently discovered another aspect to his averageness, greed. Kobe is now charging fans $24.95 to be a member of his website.

As of this year, Kobe makes around 49 million dollars a year in salary and endorsements in the shadows of an unsupportive teammate and possible rapist who provides rehearsed statements playing sports for a living. Is the additional charge necessary, or for charity? Sadly, the web site make no mention of why there is a charge, only that there is one.

Yes, I am being judgmental of a better than average jumpshot, unheralded selfishness and long history of disrespecting his family and teammates. I often wonder why it is so important promote a lack of character as the face of basketball.

While I remain “not a fan” of the basketball player, this does not apply to Kobe the businessman. He is looking to make money and he will likely do just that by taking advantage of fans who are willing to plunk down 24.95 for the privilege of finding out what Kobe ate for lunch and more ways to buy more Kobe shirt and accessories that provide for Kobe’s favorite charity, himself.

However, while I personally find his behavior obnoxious and undeserving of the accolades he receives. I do not blame him for collecting what people have bestowed. It is the nature of a free-market economy. It is his right, no matter how I might fell for him to earn whatever he can, however he can. It is one of the beauties of the world that he can do this here with his Constitutional rights.


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