Palin Quits

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Saturday 4 July 2009 5:31 pm

What could be more fitting, other than a bright pink one-piece, than an ill-fitting governorship coming to a close. Sarah Palin called it quits the day before Independence Day in an odd show of sympathy toward her fellow Alaskans, leaving with 16 months left on her contract as Governor.

Some analysts have suggested that she is leaving early in order to prep for a 2012 run at Obama and the White House. May she be eaten by vengeful moose before President Palin can take office. Regardless of how I feel about her and her wild lack of knowledge in world politics and geography, she still is abandoning the people of Alaska who voted for her during an economic crisis without a reason why. This sucks and shows a complete lack of integrity. Hopefully, the American people will take this selfish act into account when she rears her quasi-attractive head as a new candidate or promoting her forthcoming book.

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