The History of the Libertarian Party

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All of a sudden I wake up and my field study is technically over. There is nothing left for me to do as a student who has been contemplating the Libertarian thoughts of Barry Goldwater, Ron Paul, and even Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller and also a Libertarian) among others. (more…)

Robert Anton Wilson

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Links012609QuoteIn the early 1990s, I locked myself in my room and read all 800 pages of the Illuminatus! Trilogy. It was a book that offered a little bit of everything: philosophy, comedy, tragedy, confusion, skepticism, and a conversation with Leviathan at the bottom of the ocean. I lost three pounds because I didn’t eat. It would not be the last time I locked myself away to read Robert Anton Wilson.

Later, I would read and cherish most everything I had ever read by RAW (as he has been come to be known). His books introduced or sparked an interest in me for Timothy Leary, Aleistar Crowley, the Golden Dawn, the Illuminati, Discordianism (I am a Fenderson), Joseph Campbell, Linus Pauling, Magick, Buckminster Fuller, The Knights Templer, quantum mechanics, Thelema, a political thought process that lends itself being a Libertarian (although I may just be making this up) and exploration of every kind. (more…)

The Faceless Collective: a Rant

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faceless“The Indians addressed all of life as ‘thou’ — the trees, the stones, everything.” -Joseph Campbell-

In all of the reading and considering I have done, the more I come to believe that government has no allegiance to the individual, only to the masses it can control. Because, really, the government must somehow create rules that run across the board and encompasses everyone, which is a lot of different kinds of people.

Unfortunately, this means some laws get created to encircle and restrict everyone as much as possible, making the masses easier to govern. The more the individuality that is allowed, the more shades of gray there would need to be in the law. More things would be permissible based upon circumstance and situation. All this means lawmakers would have a lot more work to do, which I can’t imagine them wanting to do. (more…)

The Power of Place

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powerofplaceI have been doing some, not so light, reading. The book is by a geography genius named Harm De Blij and covers, well, social geography. While I have not finished the book, I have been getting its general theme. People from around the world are ruled by where they live, which includes culture, politics, and laws that are unique from place to place.

This got me thinking about why individual choices are so important. (more…)

And the Patriot Act Continues

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patriotactTo the delight of George Bush (assumed by me), Obama continues the dubious new tradition of needlessly infringing upon the civil rights of anyone the government feels like pestering.

In an article by the AP written by Devlin Barrett: “Lawmakers and civil rights groups had been pressing the Democratic administration to say whether it wants to preserve the post-Sept. 11 law’s authority to access business records, as well as monitor so-called “lone wolf” terrorists and conduct roving wiretaps. (more…)

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

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noshirtQuestion of the day. Is it okay for a business owner to refuse a customer? The first argument that comes to mind is that business owners would eventually do what has been done in the past and discriminate against against particular races, religions, or those of shoeless or shirtless persuasions. The argument then continues that this ideal returns us to racism and separatism.

So let’s take this as being true for the moment. My question becomes, can you create laws centered around morality when the Constitution mandates a separation between church and state? As much as I think there moral thought in many instances that are appropriate for discussion, I still can’t believe that one morality over another can justly prevail. (more…)

Viva Mexico

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vivamexicoIn a video segment discussing the upcoming change in drug enforcement in Mexico, Kevin Williamson of the National Review said, “Just because syphilis is legal, doesn’t make it respectable.” This was his response to whether Mexico’s decision to legalize small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroine and other drugs would encourage more people to take social drugs.

I love the quote and I love the decision by Mexico. It means that Mexico is switching away from prosecuting individuals users and concentrating on its bigger problem of violent crimes associated with drug cartels.

This decision by Mexico follows similar decisions by Argentina and Brazil, who have learned that prohibition simply does not work. (more…)

Three Cheers for Presidential Transparency

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threecheersDuring the campaign process I remember thinking so highly of Obama and his ability to go directly to the people for campaign funds. I also appreciated his desire to be honest about what he was doing and how he was going about doing it.

However, when Obama recently refused a request by to release the names of visitors to the White House, I was annoyed. To me, in order to protect the integrity of the country he represents, it is imperative that the President is above board in all of his dealings. (more…)

Has the Government Learned Anything?

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hasgovernmentlearnedI just read at that the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) has been hemorrhaging money due to all the housing problem for the last couple of years.

The FHA insures private companies that handle mortgages. This sounds great. Unfortunately, without creating new standards for who can get money from a mortgaged house, taxpayers are in the boat with the likes of AIG. Meaning, we are all likely to have to pay for more private sector mismanagement. (more…)

When Pundits Look Stupid

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As the debate continues, pundit, Bill Kristol, admits that the government provides “first class” health insurance to the military. Of course that the rest of the general populace should have to get by with whatever lower class health care we can afford. I suppose this is where I differ from most Libertarians.

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