Addendum to My Expressed Plans

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AddendumHowever, there was a plan that I never wrote about that also needs to be held accountable, not just American society, but me!

I plan to also look at my own behavior, my own notions, and whether they work or not. Well, probably not the ones that work. I will likely focus on the stuff that requires examination and explorations in order to be happier and more efficient. (more…)

Are You Kidding Me?

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AreyoukiddingI haven’t written in the last week because I had a writing assignment in the Cook Islands. Please don’t pity me. It is an idyllic place and one of the few places I have been where I was excited about visiting before I left and the destination exceeded my expectations. Things were peaceful and seemed fair for all. No one appeared to be better off than another. I returned home calm and relaxed.

The vacation was short-lived, now that I discovered that the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8 today, the law that contends that marriage can only exist between a man and a woman thereby preventing homosexual couples to no right to the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (more…)

Manny and the Roids

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mannyandtheroidsLast week I read an article calling for the lifetime ban of any player caught using illegal performance enhancing drugs. Then I read Manny Ramirez failed a drug test using said illegal performance enhancing drugs. Of course there was media outrage and press conferences and the same public displays that followed Bonds, Clemens, McGuire pointing out their failings of integrity and personality flaws. How awful.

These performance enhancing drug presumably made all these stars skin break out, nuts shrivel to the size of raisins, and made them hostile. These drugs also made them play slightly better than without the drug, which fans who pay truckloads of money to be entertained at sporting events love. We love to see home runs and great plays by musclebound millionaire athletes. We expect it. (more…)

Two Guys From Alexandria

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TwoguysfromalexandriaA couple of weeks ago, I threatened that I would take a look at Christianity in my blog called “It all Starts with God“, and to further explore god’s place in society.

That might not be a good description though, as god’s place in society only exists in a place other than a place we can freely visit. Tricky, huh? In other words, I cannot go to god’s house for a chat. I know that their are folks who will read this and say, “God is everywhere” or “God is love,” or “God is church or talks through clergy.” These are great thoughts, but these ideas still do not give god a tangible quality and does not make god more accessible, just more etherial. However, there is still a pile of well intentioned who will claim the inside track for god and they can speak on behalf of god. What god thinks, and what god thinks about right and wrong behavior (see the Ten Commandments). (more…)

Age of Consent

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ageofconcentRecently while sitting over large plates of Sushi with the boys, we talked about how things have changed. Twenty years ago, it was all about booze and broads. It was the reckless abandon of the late teens and early twenties, and being legal in the eyes of the world. Now, however, we talk about our wives, kids, and watch how much we drink. No one could pinpoint when the transition occurred from classic screw up to responsible middle-aged fart. The sushi was delicious and the booze still flowed.

While no one could say how it all happens, I have a few guesses on how it worked with me. Maybe it was the theoretical reality that no one could tell me how to live my life anymore, so I went bananas. Maybe it And as I have heard a number of times before that the human brain is still developing until around the age of 26, when most folks start settling down some and getting on the path of their mundane lives sans the drama of early adolescence. Maybe the insanity of youth becomes tiresome and at some point acting without any awareness begins to lose its rosy glow. Happiness instead of excitement becomes more satisfying. However, no one really needs an exact turning point or scientific understanding to prove this. It just happens and it is something we all intuitively understand — and it is universal. (more…)

It All Starts with God

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ItallstartswithgodI am hopeful that one day, after I croak, I will be standing at the pearly gates. They will open wide as a glint of light peers from behind a fluffy cloud and all the angels will hit a high note, because it all starts with god. Of course, its all just hope. The hope that most of us are led to believe, which there is something bigger and better out there with dancing cherubs and everything is blandly perfect, and minus the bad people that caused god aggravation and broke commandments while we are on Earth. God frown on rules breaking. I know because I have read the bible. Those rule-breakers would all go to some place where endless punishment is doled out for all eternity while they baked in an underground commune. I must admit that given the choice between hanging out with the angelic purity of my dead relatives ghosts in heaven or the cartoon images of red-skinned sirens bare to the waist with huge fake knockers like they appear on the back of heavy metal records, I might chose the latter. (more…)

A Day at the Store

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I am going to this office supply emporium, you know, the ones that have so many products that no one can ever find what their looking for with one employee at the register lacking all reasonable information about much of anything. I pull in the parking lot, which is mobbed, and park against a fence

As I am walking up toward the store’s entrance, I see a van pull to the front of the store and into the handicapped space. Not surprisingly an obviously healthy person hops out. I would eventually see her again when she was arguing with the store manager about why should be able to return a partially used ream of paper. I thought, “What a jackass.” She eventually got her way. (more…)

Fuck ‘Em If They Can’t a Take Joke

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Hi. My name is Devin and this is my new blog Pterodactyl Inferno. I am still deciding what this name means. For the time being, it means that we are all flying through hell together — so don’t expect a lot of upbeat articles here.

I have chosen to not include my last name because I plan on being honest about things I find to be ridiculous in American society. I don’t think my honesty is a terrible thing that makes me want to hide and not take credit. It means that honesty when not appreciated can become offensive to some. If I were alone, I would gladly have the debate about the words I will write. However, I am not alone. I have a woman that I love and a great kid who don’t need to worry about defending me or my honesty.