The Faceless Collective: a Rant

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faceless“The Indians addressed all of life as ‘thou’ — the trees, the stones, everything.” -Joseph Campbell-

In all of the reading and considering I have done, the more I come to believe that government has no allegiance to the individual, only to the masses it can control. Because, really, the government must somehow create rules that run across the board and encompasses everyone, which is a lot of different kinds of people.

Unfortunately, this means some laws get created to encircle and restrict everyone as much as possible, making the masses easier to govern. The more the individuality that is allowed, the more shades of gray there would need to be in the law. More things would be permissible based upon circumstance and situation. All this means lawmakers would have a lot more work to do, which I can’t imagine them wanting to do.

While the Indians may have addressed the individual part of life “thou,” government attempts to turn us into small statistics or a faceless lump of “its’ — a genderless, soulless, wholly common collection of sameness to be ignored and governed. They (meaning individual Presidents, Governors, Senators, Congresspeople, lobbyists and social climbers of every power hungry variety) want to make us (you, me, and all the individuals you know — go ahead make a short list of the original people that you have let into your world) something less than the autonomous people with endless variety with unique abilities we are. Instead of celebrating our difference the government seeks to set rules (thereby maintaining itself in control) to keep us the same and unidentifiable.

When we view groups of in terms of race, religion, gender or community we are quietly allowing them to marginalize us as individual.. The problems is not that we can fit into a category (each of us can fit into many), it is that the things that make us special disappears. I don’t know about you, but I do not need to be defined in a way that makes me appear less than I really am. These lumps of category also means that the larger and broader the stroke we allow ourselves to become: African-American, patriot, male, poor, as examples, the closer we get to being labeled as unimportant, foreign, threatening, bad or wrong. It is these labels that allow us to justify why it is acceptable to go to war with the other, because we have marginalized who the other side is.

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