Viva Mexico

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Thursday 10 September 2009 7:48 pm

vivamexicoIn a video segment discussing the upcoming change in drug enforcement in Mexico, Kevin Williamson of the National Review said, “Just because syphilis is legal, doesn’t make it respectable.” This was his response to whether Mexico’s decision to legalize small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroine and other drugs would encourage more people to take social drugs.

I love the quote and I love the decision by Mexico. It means that Mexico is switching away from prosecuting individuals users and concentrating on its bigger problem of violent crimes associated with drug cartels.

This decision by Mexico follows similar decisions by Argentina and Brazil, who have learned that prohibition simply does not work.

While the US remains the world leader in blowing billions of dollars on throwing small-time doobie smokers in prison for long periods, there is still some hope that aged political figures will die off and will be replaced by progressive thinking — but it feels a long way off.

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